Robert Halliday
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  Art and Ideas

My work is a reflection of my constantly evolving thoughts on art and what it means to be an artist. The idea behind a piece is a vital element and often determines the approach I take. Sometimes the idea is the work itself.

I consider myself a painter - and more. I love working in watercolor - putting the medium right up front in the work, relishing the nuances and opportunities for


expression that watercolor allows. But various images and ideas sometimes call for a totally different way of thinking about and making art.

Usually my goal as an artist is to make the work add new meaning or to build meaning around a set of new connections I can encourage the viewer to make. Often this is best accomplished by raising questions through the art that engage the viewer in a meaningful way.

Looking to the future, I hope to continue exploring new ideas and new ways to make art.


"The influence of the landscape upon the inner self of the painter is also evident in the work of Robert Halliday who translates the site seen and felt into the new reality of the painting."

The Artist and the American Landscape
First Glance Books
Driscoll & Skoinick


Mr Halliday is a Signature Member of:
Taos National Society of Watercolorists & the Kentucky Watercolor Society